At ISI, our customers fuel our desire for innovation and are the reason why we continue to develop and improve our flagship reporting software, Infortel Select, by consistently adding more features and benefits. Our UCCX Reporting Add-on to Infortel® Select just received an upgrade, and we wanted to share some of the highlights.

There are three new features we want to fill you in on that significantly enhance the UCCX reporting capabilities:

Wrap-Up Data Reporting

Often, Contact Center Agents have the opportunity to add wrap-up data, i.e., document the results of calls as they complete and sign-off the call. Infortel Select now offers a way to include these calls. With Wrap-Up Data Reporting, managers can compile results to determine if further action is required. If a UCCX Contact Center has its Agents entering Wrap-Up Data, the data will become visible in the UCCX reports. These entries assist Contact Center management with an analysis of the nature, type, subject or outcome of calls handled by the Agents within a Queue or Contact Center. The usefulness of Wrap-Up Data is shown, for example, through a help desk wanting to understand how many support calls are related to the various products they support. Wrap-up Data associated with each product will indicate which product was provided support for by the Agent. Wrap-Up Data Reporting is now available on selected UCCX reports and as a new field in Report Designer allowing incorporation of Wrap-Up Data into most reports as a displayed field or level of summary.

Team Reporting

When a Contact Center segregates groups of Agents within a Queue into Teams, it may be useful to report on the Team’s efforts and view their performance metrics. This deeper level of granularity into Teams and Team information helps Contact Center managers administer and plan to staff by managing the flow of calls to their people, and analyzing how scripts are directing calls to the right talent. Contact Center Team Reporting is a filter or constraint available in UCCX Reports and as a field in Report Designer to create reports that include the Team as a field or at the summary level.

Contact Center Application Reporting

How the Contact Center gains intelligence about a caller, or the reason for a call, and decides how to get the call to the right people, is the result of scripts/applications that are used to route the call. Applications/Scripts present calls to Contact Centers and make decisions on which Queues calls go into based on how a caller responded to the inbound signaling, such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), trunk, or Call ID for instance. These scripts are value-defined in UCCX, to be used in reports. Multiple script organizations can benefit because the inbound signaling helps to determine where the call is sent, so organizations gain visibility into how customers have made it to the appropriate Queue and Agent. This allows management to know what staffing is needed, where to place Agents, and be certain that calls are directed to the people with the right skill sets. Contact Center Application Reporting is now a filter in constraints available in select reports and as a field in Report Designer to be added to reports and used at the summary level.

Also, all three new reports can be passed to Verba so that queries to listen to recordings based on any of these three parameters are possible. For more information on all of our new updates to UCCX reporting, check our UCCX page.