ISI is pleased to announce an upgrade to our InfortelĀ® Select Traffic Analysis Reporting. The Traffic Analysis application has a new look and returns with more predefined report styles, an all-new graphical interface for traffic metrics, and additional report constraints.

Our Traffic Analysis is a single application for analysis of usage across the entire enterprise. The enhancements offered make the application even more flexible and functional when reporting on network activity or assessing network requirements.

User customization tools have been expanded to make it easier for businesses to use the standard report templates as a base from which to start and tailor to their specific business needs. Clients can begin with one of our predefined reports such as Erlang B, Concurrent Calls, or Bandwidth and modify the format, display fields and summary points to customize reports.

Now upgraded with more features and benefits, Traffic Analysis Reporting now enables users to:

You can learn more about these new enhancements by visiting our Infortel Select Traffic Analysis Reporting page.