The updated traffic analysis application works with Infortel® Select 10 to analyze telecom traffic needs based on actual usage.

Users of Infortel Select 10 can now access a veritable application of options that provide an accurate depiction of telecom network traffic. In previous versions of Infortel Select, users were able to forecast traffic patterns, but this update allows users to do so based on actual traffic data.

By analyzing this data, users can configure their network to positively impact costs. This is a result of determining the correct balance of lines and bandwidth needed to support the traffic. Specifically, this update allows users to more accurately report by concurrent calls, Erlang B, and bandwidth.

“Our new web based traffic analysis application introduces a more comprehensive call traffic assessment tool,” said Kathy Learnan, Director of Product Development at ISI Telemanagement, Inc. “The new application allows customers to easily create reports that combine traffic from different elements within the existing voice network to accurately forecast network migration requirements.”

Included with these reports are templates that are designed to address specific user needs. For Concurrent Calls, users can access templates to analyze traffic and highlight times when all trunks are busy. Going further, the application also provides a number of Erlang B templates that measure calls per peak busy hour, traffic per day, and even average hourly call traffic.

The upgrade now offers the ability to consolidate all traffic analytics features into one application. Users can customize configurations, as well as schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be sent via email to userspecified recipients. These reports can be exported to PDF, HTML, RTF, or Excel files for further manipulation.