Are you curious about the benefits of having a contact center environment, but turned off by the restrictions and financial obligations that come along with it? Instead of buying a traditional contact center, consider building an informal contact center instead. In order to help you do this, we have put together a solution guide dedicated to providing organizations with a blueprint needed to build their own affordable contact center alternative.

Since many contact center solutions can be expensive, companies tend to shy away from the investment, being unaware of the available options to create an informal contact center utilizing existing Cisco or Microsoft Lync communication platforms.

This guide explores various add-ons available for an informal contact center that will complement existing Cisco or Microsoft investments. These include call accounting & reporting, collaboration recording for voice and video calls, instant messages, and conferences, workforce management, speech analytics, and traffic analysis.

Each of these solutions can be added to provide a slew of benefits for an informal contact center environment, including improved customer service, enhanced quality management, better training protocols, and increased compliance management.

Moreover, since many businesses already utilize what would be considered an informal contact center without even knowing they have one, the blueprints will detail areas for streamlining operations to lower costs and increase productivity. An organization can expect to receive similar operational benefits from an informal contact center as they would from its counterpart.

If you are ready to start building your own informal contact center, click here to download the “Blueprint for Building an Informal Contact Center” solution guide.

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