ISI is announcing the release of Service Pack 5600 for its Call Accounting and Reporting Solution, InfortelĀ® Select 10.

This service pack includes a number of enhancements to our excellent reporting platform, including updates to directory exporting that automatically generate and distribute directory listings containing company data, e.g., employee name, extension, location, and more.

Additionally, improvements to call editing allows the system to automatically release (unlock) records when the user who locked them originally, accesses the records again.

An exciting featured upgrade to call routing and rating allows any modifications to be performed with greater ease. This upgrade includes a new web-based application that allows a user to create and maintain facilities, trunks, gateways, and methods for pricing calls. Now users can choose functionalities: Extension Locations; Billing Descriptions; Facilities; Phone Number Translations, and Pooled Billing, all from one application.

Extension Locations allows for defining physical locations, such as an office where an extension resides, with greater specificity. People in multiple time zones, using the same gateway, can modify the time zone to correctly report local time and associate extensions with different countries, carrier rates, and devices. Time intervals can be recalculated to seconds to match interval values for more accurate rates. Also users can now define billing descriptions once and use them for multiple events. Overall, this application provides more flexibility in what can be grouped, imported, or exported, from one data source to another.

Current customers of Infortel Select can upgrade to this latest Service Pack by opening a service ticket.