Are you Ready to Take Full Advantage of Microsoft Lync?

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Microsoft Lync® is one of the most popular Unified Communications products on the market. Many companies are deploying it to expand communications, reduce costs and increase efficiency. But some companies rush into deployment and don’t fully consider some of the questions inherent to this type of solution.

For example, a company might know that it is benefiting from Microsoft Lync, but is that company truly taking advantage of all the system has to offer? Can the company monitor calling activity to prevent misuse? Does it have enough capacity at critical network choke points? Does it have metrics on Microsoft Lync conferencing, video, instant messaging, or file transfers to determine usage patterns and make proper business decisions?

In most situations, the answer is “No”.

Companies and workers that use Microsoft Lync want advanced reporting and analysis capabilities. Infortel® Select from ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc. takes full advantage of cloud communications to provide these capabilities and answer a number of important questions about your Lync investment. It lets you know where calls are coming from, and properly identifies where they are going. It gives information on network performance, letting you know if there are blockages. It can tell you if you need more bandwidth and where it is required.

You can get insight into how employees are handling customer calls, if the call queue is too long and if your clients are abandoning their calls and possibly moving their business to your competitors. You can gain real insight into your team’s productivity to ensure that your staff is able to achieve their personal and company goals.

Infortel Select can help you realize massive cost reductions from your telecom expenses, while giving you visibility into your telecom network based on real-usage data. Furthermore, ISI offers exceptional customer service and support, featuring telecom consultants with an average of 20 years experience that can answer questions, and troubleshoot problems.

ISI prides itself on security and compliance, and is the only provider in the industry with ISO 9001:2008, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor certification for Quality and Security, maintaining a redundant data center that is SAS 70 compliant. As if that wasn’t enough, businesses can now take advantage of integrating ISI’s Call Reporting platform with Verba’s Call & Video Recording solution.

This combination allows organizations to not only gain metrics into their call activities, but also record those calls for archiving, compliance, or training purposes. ISI offers a wide range of products in areas such as business intelligence, network management and productivity reporting. These solutions enable clients to improve employee productivity, enhance customer service, increase sales and reduce expenses. ISI’s products are easier to use and more flexible, especially for international applications.
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