ISI has released an educational guide to help users learn the various methods available for managing and optimizing their voice networks.

The guide, which focuses on the many voice network pitfalls organizations across the globe encounter, teaches the costly dangers of operating a mismanaged network. Since most companies are unaware that their voice network is already suffering, it is important they arm themselves with the tools needed to identify ongoing issues, and resolve them before its too late.

"We continue to see organizations struggle with properly managing their voice networks," said Dan Mueller, VP of Infortel Select Products at ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc. "It is much easier to manage data networks. Voice networks are much trickier, and require specific applications to accurately assess network requirements to support organizational needs."

Specifically, the guide educates organizations on what to look for when converting trunks to SIP or VoIP, properly measuring Concurrent Call Paths, consolidating or acquiring office locations, and renegotiating carrier services.

ISI has a variety of tools available to ease the pain of implementing an effective network management solution. These solutions range from a short-term snapshot analysis of network traffic, an audit of telecom architecture, the ongoing management of a voice network through call reporting, or invoice & inventory management. Each solution can be catered to solve even the most minuscule of an organization's voice network problems.

Download ISI’s solution guide on voice network management and optimization.