ISI Releases New Service Pack 6880 for Infortel® Select

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We are excited to announce the release of our latest Service Pack 6880 for Infortel® Select Version 10.0! The NEW Service Pack includes a number of enhancements offering new capabilities for Cisco Quality Metrics Reporting, Dashboard, Cisco UCCX Contact Center Reporting, Directory Enhancements and much more.

Cisco Quality Metrics

Cisco has introduced a new methodology for measurement of voice call quality. Newer Cisco devices will generate QoS metrics based upon Concealed Seconds (CS) rather than Mean Opinion Score (MOS). In support of this new QoS measurement, and the Cisco devices that produce CS metrics rather than MOS metrics, Infortel Select has been enhanced to support tracking and reporting on Concealed Seconds in addition to traditional MOS metrics.


The Infortel Select CDR Dashboard has been enhanced to support the use of the new Concealed Seconds metrics in Summary Gates:

  • Create a gate based on summary data, the user can add any of the concealment statistics including the Severely Concealed Seconds Ratio and Call Quality Grade.
  • A template for analyzing Call Quality is provided. The Call Quality Grade gate allows the administrator to quickly see a date that is having quality problems. They can then drill down using Call Exploration to find the calls that have issues.
  • The columns provide a count of the number of calls per day that are Good, Acceptable, and Poor.
  • The line shows the Severely Concealed Seconds Ratio.

Cisco UCCX Contact Center Reporting

The Contact Center Distribution Summary report provides information on how quickly calls are answered or abandoned. Most organizations have specific Contact Center objectives on the percentage of calls to be answered within X number of seconds. This report provides visibility into how individual Agents and Agent Teams are doing at meeting established objectives. Managers need to know if there is a problem with the speed at which calls are answered so that corrective action can be taken if needed.

It can be run by Contact Center, Queue, or Agent level. By default, the report measures in 15 second increments, but the user can change those increments to better meet their business needs.

Directory Enhancements

The Directory Import now provides even greater flexibility for those wishing to populate the Directory with information from Cisco Call Manager. The Directory now supports import of up to five user-definable fields from Cisco. This is a great time-saver for those who require data from both Active Directory and Cisco Call Manager in order to populate their Infortel Select Directory.

The Directory has also been enhanced to allow a range of extensions to be added at an organization level with one action. This replaces manual entry of each extension number with automated creation of numerous extension entries based upon a user-specified extension range. This is particularly helpful when defining a sequential block of extension numbers reserved for use within a department.

The Directory is a powerful tool that contains your organizational structure, people, objects that they own, and other charges. It allows you to correctly assign call ownership, account for non-call based charges, and create reports based on your organizational structure.

Learn more about the new Infortel Select Service Pack by downloading the document below. If you are interested in upgrading to the latest version of Infortel Select 10.0, click below to request an upgrade!

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