ISI recently revealed significant updates to the ISI dashboard. Today, we are proud to announce that our flagship software, Infortel Select, has new Contact Center capabilities that include Real-Time Stats for UCCX reporting.

Real-Time Stats enables Contact Center managers to track both Real-Time and Historical Contact Center metrics to display agent and queue stats in a dashboard suitable for viewing on a desktop, tablet, or a large-format monitor (Wallboard) in the Contact Center environment.

Tracking such metrics as Real-Time Agent Status to provide current status with times, calls handled, and transferred for the day allows for a multitude of real-time corrections. Real-Time Queue Status displays a number of metrics such as the current number of calls in a queue and the oldest call in a queue.

A Contact Center manager can now see valuable agent stats including the number of logged in agents, available agents, talking agents, and unavailable agents, among other stats. Cumulative Performance Statistics by Queue for the current day with total calls, handled or abandoned calls, plus averages for talk, queue, and longest queue times provide immediate insight for daily goal setting.

The expansion of these UCCX reporting capabilities will breathe new life into the Contact Center. These metrics, offered in real-time, provide the greatest amount of visibility into a Contact Center’s overall performance. Allowing users to view real-time updates on Agent Status, Queue Status, and Cumulative Performance Statistics by Queue are sure to improve productivity.

To learn more about this new capability, please visit our UCCX Reporting webpage.