Do you remember when using a fax machine was standard practice? Years ago, fax machines were a luxury. They were overpriced and expensive to maintain. Overseas faxes were costly and slow. Overall, the technology was useful, albeit archaic.

Let’s fast-forward the history lesson. As technology improved, fax machines became cheaper. This soon gave way to email, which reduced the use of fax machines to the point of near extinction.

Now, apply that same progression to unified communications (UC). Single box solutions are reducing costs. Smaller businesses can afford to implement a solution like Microsoft Lync or Cisco Business Edition 6000/7000, thereby gaining a system capable of providing UC needs that were once too expensive.

There are numerous advantages of UC over traditional communication methods, especially when integrated with available solutions for communication management. Voice, video, and instant messages can all be reported on, recorded, archived, and analyzed.

Unlike the ancient fax machine, UC is scaleable and flexible to meet the needs of a company. If a new compliance mandate requires the archiving of instant messages, a business can upgrade their Lync system to meet those needs. Let’s see a fax machine do that!

Business is no longer restricted to phone calls. All modes of communication are evolving, collaborating, and integrating. As was the case with the fax machine, you shouldn’t be surprised to one day be working in an office where you don’t have a traditional desk phone.