With the recent influx of integration between our Call Reporting tools, Verba’s Call & Video Recording solutions, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there has been a demand for an updated version of Infortel® Select. Therefore, to meet these needs, we have released Infortel Select Version 10.

What is included with this release?

The focus of Infortel Select 10 is on integration between systems. It brings together all the most recent Service Packs, and adds valuable features beyond the Infortel Select Version 9. The final product is a more user-friendly, intuitive interface with faster access to key applications and increased graphical analysis options and formats.

Included with the web version is an advanced process to more easily add, edit, and delete alarms for your activities. Furthermore, we’ve updated our Price-A-Call functionality. This feature lets you determine the cost of a call after you make it, or to check the estimated cost of a call beforehand. The system computes the cost of a call based on the information you have entered, and determines price based on location of the number called.

Other features include:

·  Call Editing and Call Record Lock management for Professional Services Package
·  Enhanced support for Microsoft Excel exporting formats
·  Pooled billing
·  Improved reporting for concurrent calls
·  Ability to purge inactive account codes

Infortel Select Version 10 highlights the integration of call & video recording with Infortel Select. Users are now able to access call recordings or video recordings from within the call explorer, easily and conveniently. The integration touts a single sign-on, which means authorized users can click on an icon from within the call explorer and be taken to the actual recordings without having to sign into Verba’s call and video recording system. Simple.  

The updated version goes further, and allows for integration between Infortel Select and Verba’s call recording solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This integration creates a bridge that will populate call records, recordings, and data in the CRM system.