Reduce Expenses and Optimize Resources with Infortel Select 10

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There is no formula for making quality business decisions. Assessments can be made based on perceived results, but without proper data and metrics, these assessments are mere speculation. Organizations should focus on harnessing raw data that can be leveraged into better business decisions. Infortel Select 10 provides the necessary metrics from telecom sources to improve business operations.

By accessing precise telecom data, a wealth of information is unlocked that can provide a clear picture of operational costs. Leveraging this data allows for these costs to be reduced. This is one of the prime tenants of call reporting, but with Infortel Select 10, users gain a more detailed inventory of call data.

Reports range from trunk usage to productivity reports, turning a normal phone system into a powerhouse. Managers can quickly assess which employees are producing results, and which are struggling.  This includes making informed decisions on licsensing, hardware, carrier services, and other telecom resources based on actual usage.

Training and coaching can be catered directly to a team’s needs, eliminating time wasted developing these protocols. Between increasing productivity and optimizing your trunks to actual capacity, any company can experience a reduction in expenses that would go unrealized without the telecom intelligence that Infortel Select 10 provides.
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