With the recent update to our call reporting software, InfortelĀ® Select, users gain a firm grasp on their ability to allocate costs based on true usage. This feature pays dividends, as it reduces time lost processing monthly reports, or assigning bills to the proper department, franchise, or employee.

Telecom costs can spiral out of control. Call reporting is one way to wrangle all the individual facets of your monthly telecom bills into something manageable. By this, you are able to harness a centralized process for billing costs directly. Cost allocation works to properly streamline your functions, while keeping users accountable. The end result is true usage based call allocation.

Infortel Select acts as a bridge, and assists in all the individual aspects of the billing process. The direct benefit is having all costs properly distributed and allocated correctly. After that, the user can continue to keep business running smoothly with strict records pertaining to telecom use.

Can you accurately account and allocate costs dispersed about your company? Let us know!