As Infortel Select 10 continues to roll out, many organizations are enjoying the benefits of a call reporting tool that functions beyond traditional means. One of the long touted advantages of Infortel Select has been its ability to bolster employee productivity. With the release of Infortel Select 10, this ability has only been strengthened.

Call reporting plays a pivotal role in transforming a company from reactive to proactive. With the ability to properly disseminate call records, an organization can evaluate employee performance based on hourly, daily, or weekly call handling reports.

These summaries offer a magnifying lens into actual productivity. With this data, a company can work to smooth out any rough spots, and cater coaching and training directly to employees based on real metrics.

Aside from that, the increased visibility of employee productivity through call data summaries has proven to be a motivational tactic (read more about the Hawthorne Effect).

Infortel Select 10 provides an inside look to complete employee activities. How you use this information is up to you. But one thing is for sure: it will ensure proactive business decisions, instead of reactive ones.