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With Infortel Select 10, organizations can take advantage of not only the ability to track and report on calls, but they also gain a searchable archive of historic call data. This on-demand access to call history provides a platform to satisfy a number of possible regulatory directives.

The idea is to be proactive. With the ability to access a historic database of calls, you expand on your ability to better service your clients. Precise details pertaining to when a call took place, whom the customer spoke with, and data about the call itself. All of this information is able to be organized and easy to access.

Trying to differentiate or classify information from old calls can be difficult. But, with Infortel Select 10, you are given a searchable archive of historic calls. It takes all the call data and allocates the information, allowing you to refer back at any time. As the interactions are available for you to search through, it will create a historical picture of your telecom activities.

Think of the possibilities.

All your call information is categorized, centralized, and accessible.

In conjunction with the ability to report on calls, this historical archive can fulfill any litigation research or ensure your company stays compliant with regulations. Without an archive of calls, there is a high chance that a call can disappear from your records, thereby leaving your liable.

How have you dealt with the need for retrieving information on historic calls in the past? Let us know.
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