How Your Company Will Benefit from Unified Communications Today

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Around 20 years ago, someone began to talk about this exciting new thing: total integration of multiple enterprise communication methods. Today, UC has grown into a multi-faceted and seemingly unstoppable entity. The latest report from Transparency Market Research predicts strong annual growth of UC as a service (UCaaS); nearly 24% (other estimates are higher) through 2022 and their latest analysis says the entire industry of UC and related technologies will see revenue just under $34 billion this year.

For many companies, perhaps yours, this complete interoperability and connectedness has yet to happen. With legacy systems and the cost and effort to migrate, it’s reasonable that many businesses have been kicking the can down the road. However, UC has grown up, and the end of that road is pretty near. The idea of acting and not reacting is something to consider.

In a world of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the options for a single platform connecting all devices can seem impossible, but UC offers companies the scalability and flexibility needed to move forward. One platform for all the ways your employees do business, on any device, is an immediate plus for productivity and UC offers such solutions.

Although options will vary, to determine your company’s specific needs a thorough assessment can be done with an audit and analysis of your existing environment. This will determine your current usage and expenses and look for ways to improve outcomes.

Once you’ve decided to look at your existing set-up, you must determine the best deployment model for your business needs. In the beginning, UC was usually deployed on-premises with knowledgeable professionals brought in to manage these platforms. As software and usability improved, businesses found less use for specialized departments and much of the responsibility for managing the systems fell to capable, but otherwise employed, team members.

Today, UCaaS is an appealing option for companies that want to be able to focus on their business, and not waste time managing communications when there are experts to do it for them. Now with limitless configurations, between on-premises, managed, hosted, and cloud deployments, any hybrid approach is possible according to your needs. Find out how these different hosted and managed services available now reduce operational inefficiency.

The increased challenge to take the office and all of its interactivity wherever we go is driving the growth of UC. Virtual collaboration and the ability to integrate the complex, and often disparate, modes and methods surrounding communications is simply a demand of doing business in modern times. UC solutions for voice, IM/Presence and conferencing, offer the flexibility, reach, management, and control necessary to keep up with these driving demands.

Once you’ve determined UC is the right choice for your business then selecting the right solutions and vendor becomes paramount. Over the next five installments of this series, we will address some of the available solutions to help manage your new UC environment and business needs, such as:

  • Assessing current UC environment and determining future needs
  • Accurately reporting on UC usage
  • Regulating, recording, and analyzing UC & collaboration interactions
  • Analyzing UC content & automating quality management
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Darlene Jackson is a published writer with many years of experience in digital publishing, advertising, and public relations. Her diverse assignments include stints with Chicago Public Media, The Chicago Tribune, and various print and online media and communication outlets. She is currently pursuing a master's degree at Northwestern University.

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