Higher Education Finds Value in Voice Network Management

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The importance of voice network management extends past any one particular industry. For example, take a look at what can be done at the collegiate level. Many colleges have expanded beyond a classroom setting. Because of this, they have experienced extra stress on bandwidth and connectivity.

Overwhelmed by the growth in mobile device usage and bandwidth/connectivity demands, one college in particular addressed their needs by improving the overall quality of their telecom infrastructure. Trying to meet the demand on a day-to-day basis left the IT staff to play catch up. This wasn’t a good position to be in.

Starting with what the college dubbed as the “backbone” of their infrastructure, they first modernized their equipment and updated their wireless network. The school's Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system was also showing wear, and provided little in the way of ­redundancy or disaster recovery. If something knocked out phone service at the primary campus, the phone lines at the two satellite campuses would go down as well.

As many already know, deploying a solution to address these issues is timely and costly. Proper planning is crucial. By breaking the project down into multiple facets, the IT staff was able to create an ROI strategy that justified an upgrade to Cisco’s Unified Communications system.

Essentially, the argument was made that if the college didn’t upgrade campus equipment soon, both students and staff would suffer. The quality of service would continue to decline, which would impact staff productivity and student enrollment.

But network quality wasn’t the only benefit from the migration. By upgrading the infrastructure, the college allowed for future scalability. Their Cisco platform can be customized to accommodate growing needs. This could range from archiving Jabber IM interactions for compliance, recording calls for safety and training, or reporting on call activity to manage spending and invoices.

Voice network management is a huge undertaking. The best place to start is by gathering information to evaluate your need. Start by downloading our Solution Guide for Voice Network Nirvana–The 4 Steps to Optimization and Management.


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