Happy Area Code Day

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So, it has come to this. November 10th is officially “Area Code Day”. This may seem like something to brush off, but few realize the sheer importance of area codes. Since the 1940s, area codes existed as an efficient way to make calls without a switchboard operator, thereby minimizing dialing efforts and costs.

The point of “Area Code Day” is to remember that these codes are more than just a series of buttons hit before a call is made. While the prestige and cultural value once attached to the perception of a certain area code being reserved for certain social classes has slowly disappeared, area codes still play an important role for businesses.

How so, you may ask? Well, even though the modern world has gone digital, there is still a need for phone-based communication. Conversations are still regulated by the jurisdiction of each call, based upon the point of origin, dialed number, and current local carrier tariffs. This is why area codes exist.

Without the proper solutions, a company can unknowingly make an expensive, long-distance call. Call accounting is the best way to ensure calls are assigned to the proper rate tables.

Specifically, because hundreds of new area codes have been added in the last few years, rate tables account for these updates without incurring extra charges. Beyond that, the information contained in rate tables, and the accuracy and currency of these rate tables, is critical to identifying calling patterns and trends, employee abuse, and fraud.

So, while area codes may seem a tad archaic, and celebrating “Area Code Day” is all but nostalgic. Keep in mind that rate tables and jurisdiction are critical for organizations. Just because you don’t have to press those three magic numbers, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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