If you have been searching for a way to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, then look no further. ISI has just released Infortel® Speech Analytics. This new product is dedicated to providing users the ability to analyze customer's speech patterns, monitor voice inflection, and evaluate word usage.

Essentially, Infortel Speech Analytics gives users the ability to uncover vital customer information buried deep in voice and/or video recordings, as well as chat sessions and social media announcements. While the idea of this solution may not be new, adding speech analytics on to a recording solution provides any organization a veritable answer to compliance, coaching, and quality assurance.

The solution specifically operates in a manner that captures customer interactions. From call recordings to instant messages, Infortel Speech Analytics scrutinizes every interaction across multiple contact center sites and locations. These are then converted into a single format for streamlined analysis. Acoustics, pauses, sentiment, and inflection are all automatically organized and evaluated.

Users also gain the ability to search recorded content for specific keywords and phrases, and playback only the interactions that pertain to the search. This provides a platform for visually analyzing comparative data on performance and key metrics. This information can then be used to develop an advanced, personalized training protocol.

On top of that, Infortel Speech Analytics will automatically generate reports based on word repetition and voice inflection. These reports are scored by a number of custom or predefined parameters. Users can schedule these reports to be delivered to agents and managers on a routine basis. The result is a solution capable of identifying areas of improvement based on actual interactions without the requirement of manually searching through call recordings.

The solution is customizable to fit any sized company, industry, and budget. Infortel Speech Analytics has demonstrated an impressive ROI, producing an increase in collections, sales, and customer satisfaction.

“Infortel Speech Analytics is a necessity for all organizations that interact with customers and want to improve on the service level provided by its staff,” said Mitch Weiss, Director of Unified Communications Products at ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc. “The best organizations in the world are already benefiting from speech analytics and seeing impressive ROI. It is a must have for customer service, sales, and compliance.”

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