As Infortel Select 10 continues to roll out, organizations are finding the call reporting tool to be a versatile ally for streamlining business operations. The main function of the tool continues to be its ability to reduce costs while improving productivity. A byproduct of this functionality is the proliferation of a contact center “environment” available on all phones.

Reports pertaining to hourly, daily, or monthly metrics are readily available. These reports transform an individual phone into an invariable contact center. This center allows management to observe the specific details of an individual or team’s phone usage.

Evaluating ring-times or stats on abandoned calls or unanswered calls opens the floodgates for enhanced coaching, improved productivity, and seamless customer service. These are details that cannot be manipulated, and prove invaluable for a company of any size.

Leveraging this data is at the discretion of the company, but suffice it to say, any company looking to truly bolster their operations would be hard pressed to find a better solution.

How are you managing and monitoring your abandoned calls?