From the Floor of Cisco Live: Lloyd Announces Nexus 7700

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When it comes to the future of technology, there is no constant, save for change. This change is what perpetually creates new ideas and fuels innovation. Without change, we are in the Stone Age. Robert Lloyd, president of development at sales for Cisco, opened his Cisco Live address by reminding the audience of the importance change plays in developing a competitive advantage.

This isn’t to say that Lloyd suggested Cisco is abandoning their big guns. He continually touted the importance of hardware. With the Internet of Everything (IoE), Cisco anticipates changes to the operating model, including a map of the traditional network. 

Because today’s Software Defined Network (SDN) model is application centric, it lacks visibility. Lloyd commented on the complexity of the solution, and the problematic multiple management points. Although the application-centric infrastructure allows for centralized automation, security, and application profiles, it has room for improvement.

Lloyd spoke directly about a new model, which will include radical simplification automation & programmability, as well as software flexibility and increased hardware performance. This wasn’t just idle talk, as he went on to introduce the Nexus 7700 on stage. 

The Nexus 7700, which will be available in July, is the new flagship data center for Cisco. Despite this, Cisco will continue to produce the line of Nexus 7000s. The new 7700 boasts 83 Tbps of backplane capacity. It supports 384 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 192 100 GbE ports at line rate. 

These modules will support a set of features, including multi-protocol label switching, virtual private LAN service, FabricPath and Locator/ID Separation Protocol. Cisco also promises virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) support.

The Nexus 7700 brings forth a number of changes. To simplify this, the highlight of these changes will be the ability for a single control port. With this, users can simplify the management process into a single stage. To say the crowd was excited is an understatement.

Lloyd’s words only added fire to Cisco’s already vibrant display of future technologies and the Internet of Everything. Did you catch Lloyd’s address? What are your thoughts on the Nexus 7700?
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