Four Ways Call AccountIng and Reporting Remains Relevant!

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Call Accounting and Reporting; the words may seem a thing of the past considering their evolution from just cost models to the in-depth analysis gleaned from today’s digital world. However, their relevance remains. Call Accounting and Reporting is a crucial part of the Unified Communications (UC) brand because it explains what happened with your company’s telephony interactions. The analytics of Call Accounting and Reporting explains why it happened and what can be expected going forward.

Call Accounting and Reporting provides information needed to make the best choices to optimize your business. In-depth analysis and reporting on all incoming, outgoing and internal calls lets you see your telephony activity inside and out. These analyses allow for easy tracking of details on individual extensions, departments, and locations to explore and interact with your call data in a way that grows your business. They provide the insights to make necessary changes to increase productivity and efficiency, build revenue and reduce costs.

Call Accounting and Reporting may be a term that gets little attention these days, where its role in UC might be overlooked. However, even in today’s mobile environment, Call Accounting remains an integral part of the overall UC equation. Here are four ways that Call Accounting and Reporting are maintaining relevance in the world of UC.

1. Call Accounting and Reporting software does more than it used to

Call Accounting and Reporting software has evolved beyond just counting costs of calls. It still does so; however, the embedded reporting capabilities save managers’ time and enhance productivity with features that allow for drill-down reporting to get call details and provide access into usage reporting at one’s fingertips. Needed reports can be sent automatically to email as needed or as part of a daily, weekly, or monthly routine, which includes contact center reports as well. Scheduled reports are a convenient way to prepare for team meetings and review your call data quickly and easily.

2. Access from multiple devices/locations has improved

Access to today’s Call Accounting and Reporting software has gone from the desktop solely and opened up to other devices, including decentralized offices and multiple mobile endpoints. Still, capturing remote data into a centralized report is done expeditiously. It’s also easier than ever to view from mobile devices. This aspect is crucial for employees that telecommute as it provides the ability to generate essential reports remotely.

3. User Interfaces are more user-friendly

With a few clicks from the dashboard, reports are at your fingertips and ready to be exported in the file format you choose. Today’s software with customizable display settings makes viewing the metrics that matter most to you uncomplicated. Whatever you decide is most important can go up front within the dashboard where it’s easily seen. Color code graphs to your liking and make the most pertinent metrics stand out and easy to view for your presentations and reports. Your dashboard can be designed in a way that makes it best for you to understand and discuss the information at hand.

4. Billing is simpler

Tracking billable talk time is much simpler because running reports is faster and easier. Grabbing details on any call made allows for more accurate billing/budgeting of clients or departments and leaves more time freed up to develop other opportunities. Moreover, Call Accounting and Reporting software still alerts you to the things you want to keep track of such as misuse or abuse, especially with long distance or international calls, and lets unusual activity be documented as well. Scheduling, generating, and sending bills are also done with ease.

Call Accounting and Reporting has come a long way. Although UC is the topic most on trend, we would be remiss to forget its origins. Today’s data-rich, feature-rich, Call Accounting and Reporting software supports visibility into your communications and still provides great insights into improving productivity and reducing costs by tracking usage then analyzing and reporting on that usage. Underestimating its value would be a mistake. For these reasons, Call Accounting and Reporting is still relevant and useful for any size business. It can do so much more than it did before.

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