Embracing Mobility: Evolve or Else

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Adapting to a wireless world shouldn't sound threatening. Rather, with the influx of tools available for business use, it should be viewed as encouraging. When the Information Age exploded in mid-2000s, workforce adaptation started immediately. After the boom, there was a shift in workforce.

This shift from an industrial workforce to a service workforce. Businesses quickly realized that with a fully-automated and computerized business model, employee productivity actually increased rather than decreased. This is only strengthened by call reporting and recording tools.

This takes us back to the original point, which is embracing change. Companies are familiar with the concept of building a community. The internet and social networking are mere extensions of this. Both services allow companies to develop a means to connect individuals based on common business needs and experiences. Where a business could gather information easily in the past, they can now build upon that by gathering and digitally storing market information in new, more efficient ways. 

Building upon that, video and wireless devices offered companies opportunities to engage potential clients and customers from anywhere in the world. No longer are there restrictions for face-to-face business interactions, or budget restraints due to increased travel costs. This evolution of technology allows employees the ability to work easily on the go, increasing productivity, and decreasing reliance to get work done at the office. The result is a greater flexibility to handle an increased workload. 

However, with any trend or boom that is moving faster than companies can prepare for, small minuscule problems arise that, when compounded, can end up costing organizations large sums of money. What are your experiences with mobility in the work place?
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