Each day, companies experience abusive behavior over their phones and telecom devices. These problems can have a negative impact on productivity, work flow, or even your bottom line. In an ideal world, you would be able to detect these issues in order to prevent them from happening. And, with Infortel Select 10’s abuse and misuse detection, you can do just that.

Detecting abuse or misuse of company phones is especially imperative in high-traffic support areas. When employees are on the phone as part of their job, it is difficult to tell if they are staying on task, or calling numbers they shouldn’t be calling.

By creating an alarm that automatically detects any abuse or misuse based on defined behavior patterns, managers are warned when an abusive call is going out. The alarms are very customizable, allowing the company to generate alarms based on call time, type, trunk, duration, and cost.

Minimizing the likelihood of misuse will keep employees focused, and increase overall productivity. Taking out distractions allows your company to operate smoothly, and takes a proactive approach toward eliminating abuse to your phone system.

Have you encountered any situations where an alarm could have stopped an expensive or abusive phone call? Let us know!