Connecting America and Advancing the Future with VoIP

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VoIP is growing. It's estimated that more than 5 million potential users will be moving to VoIP in North America. This staggering figure demonstrates the true power of Internet telecom. Just how much steam is VoIP generating?

This past spring, the FCC moved closer to the next phase of its Connect America Fund. The second phase of the Fund will increase financial support for broadband and voice service by 70%, bringing the total spend to $9 billion over the next 5 years. The purpose of this funding is to bring 21st century communications to areas with insufficient bandwidth.

Internet telephone service providers are rejoicing. Essentially, this funding will increase the number of users who can utilize the intended potential of Internet telephone services. Their business will increase, while users will receive a better quality of service.

More specifically, resellers of SIP trunking will gain a new market. Previously underserved rural areas will be expanding, offering more opportunities to engage new customers.

Given this potential increase in business and revenue, many providers will be able to reinvest their cash into developing new features. Many are comparing this VoIP boom to the pattern established when mobile phone technology went "smart". As prices per phone went down, companies were able to spend more time and resources developing apps, thereby generating a new revenue stream.

Indirectly or not, the FCC is taking proactive steps toward making Internet voice services more accessible for home and business users. Any organizations not enjoying the benefits of Internet phone service are about to get left even further behind than they already are.

The time to transition communications into the digital realm is now. Things are moving fast, and development increases each day. If you're not sure where to start, dive into Unified Collaboration and see the advantages of bringing the numerous communication solutions on the market to a single place.

For those businesses ready to make that leap, but having difficult putting together an ROI for this investment, start with a traffic analysis study. Basically, a traffic analysis provides an assessment of current voice usage and needs. This information can be used to properly plan for network migration and to optimize bandwidth. Users also can calculate the potential savings of this transition to build a business case based on ROI.
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