One aspect of Unified Communications we emphasize just like our partner Cisco is collaboration. At this year’s Cisco Live, they’ve dedicated an entire program to collaboration to talk about and demonstrate the various ways technology is leading the charge towards bigger and better collaborative ideas to improve business and productivity.

The program, “Imagine the Future of Collaboration and The Workplace” is designed to illuminate the collaboration technologies used in companies to the IT and business professionals using or interested in using them. It’s being directed at Chief Information Officers (CIO), and other network professionals in Customer Care, Infrastructure, Applications, Client Services as well as Enterprise Architects, Consultants, Analysts and more.

The program will feature “exclusive presentations that address the future of work, cloud, video, and more” according to details found on the web at One such display is the Collaboration Innovation Talk – Collaboration Reimagined, headed by Cisco’s Rowan Trollope, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IoT and Collaboration Technology Group; Jens Meggers Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Collaboration Technology Group, and Jonathan Rosenberg, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Collaboration Technology Group.

Overall, the goal of this program is providing instruction in managing and deploying advanced communications and collaboration solutions in the organization that makes it possible to work together from anywhere at any time. Cisco has gone so far as to make it possible to set up one on one meetings with over 25 collaboration engineers to present your unique corporate situation and receive assistance. It doesn’t get more “live” than that. Run, don’t walk, to the collaboration program at Cisco Live.