So this is the future. Welcome. Cisco Live is abuzz with the Internet of Everything. The world is about connections now more than ever, and Cisco posits that the complete picture of a connected world goes beyond just the IP-connected sensors.

To achieve the Internet of Everything, Cisco is expanding their cloud strategy to integrate with private clouds such as MS Azure, Google Apps, and Amazon. Creating a bridge between technology and users has many benefits, but organizations and technology companies alike must be prepared to adapt and thrive in an application and software-driven world.

Some are calling this brave, new world “API Economy”. But what you call this app-centric world isn't as important as figuring out how your company can leverage the flexibility and value of the rich API ecosystem.

One of the defining characteristics of this unity is the automation and management of servers. On a large-scale, this presents a streamlined workflow that any company can use to improve business operations. While this simplified automation centralizes Cisco’s applications and improves Quality of Service, it also opens the door for visibility into metrics and call details.

Specifically, with everything united through the Internet of Everything, a company has an opportunity to deploy a solution for collaboration reporting and recording. This gives insight to the details that impact the large-scale processes.

Records from calls provide insight to employee productivity. Searchable and discoverable archives of Jabber instant messages ensure federal compliance. Recordings of calls improve training methodology.  Best of all, since these solutions integrate with Cisco’s communication platforms, the virtual infrastructure of the Internet of Everything is still automated, and the company still in control of telecom management.

The message from Cisco is clear. There is value in the Internet of Everything, and it is here to stay. Having metrics on the interactions that happen within the Internet of Everything is yet another way of having greater visibility into your enterprise.