Abandoned Calls Don’t Necessarily Mean Lost Business

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Investment Services and Banking have become very competitive industries with numerous providers all vying for the same investor’s funds. As a provider, your company might spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising just to convince new clients to invest with you. What if one of those potential new clients does call you and gets put into a queue in your contact center? They wait for about a minute and then decide to hang up. Maybe they will call you back. Maybe they will try to contact one of your competitors! Is that something you want to risk?

Your Contact Center Managers probably spend a great deal of time and money to ensure that all potential client calls are answered by your agents as soon as possible, but abandoned calls do happen and, sometimes, there’s nothing you are able to do about that. Is that another lost business opportunity? Maybe not!

You should consider deploying a robust Call Reporting solution that can track Abandoned Calls. Many of the Financial Services providers I speak with have done just this. These Call Reporting solutions are able to capture Caller ID (the phone number of the client who was attempting to contact you) and report all of those phone numbers on an hourly, daily, weekly basis (daily is usually the most preferred) back to your contact center. Your agents are then able to call out to these potential clients with a message similar to, “I see you tried to call us earlier today. We apologize for not being able to take your call at that time. How may we assist you?”

Most of the time, Financial Services providers tell me, the client is impressed with how you didn’t write them off and actually called them back. Many have reported good success with them converting those prospects into investing clients!

Up until this point, I’ve only been considering potential new clients in this scenario, but how about one of your existing, premier clients who tries to call your office and then gives up? It would probably make good business sense to call those folks back as soon as you can. With Call Reporting, you will have all of the information you need to accomplish this right at your fingertips – including the exact time the client placed their call and how long they waited prior to hanging up (this will help you to gauge how “upset” they might be when you call them back).

An abandoned call doesn’t have to mean a lost business opportunity or an upset client. Call Reporting gives you the power to make the contact.

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Mark McNeill is the Vice President of Healthcare Telecom Services for ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc., a Schaumburg, IL based telecom consulting and software development firm. Mr. McNeill has over 25 years of experience in Telecommunications and Medical Software industries. He has consulted with hundreds of healthcare providers and management companies on how to streamline IT costs, improve patient services and optimize efficiencies in the hospital environment.

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