A Look Into The Modern Contact Center Part 2

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Understanding what services to offer your customer and the best times to offer them is essential to modernizing the contact center. Call center analytics provide insights to call drivers that will assist in formalizing your strategy for the most optimized routing you can provide. Using interaction analytics such as voice traffic analysis, for example, you can discern when your contact center has the highest call volumes. If, during those times, your tech support center is subject to longer hold or handle times, your call center strategy might be to add web chat. In this example, web chat would allow your customers to access tech support directly from numerous devices, and agents could potentially service several inbound requests at once. When you tap into analytics, you gain the ability to adjust your technology to offer more channels for direct interaction that improve customer satisfaction, agent ratings, and transform your call center into a contact center.

By using analytics, as in the example above, a contact center can be made aware of how to handle increased volume demands in the most cost-efficient way. Leveraging the Internet to communicate with customers is not only smart but meets them on the digital landscape where they are familiar and prefer to interact. Web chat is not the only solution, however, and it may not be the most appropriate for your business. The idea is to know your customer and to make the best determination of which revenue booster to add to your existing technology that will make your agent’s portal more responsive to your client’s needs.

While there are no cookie cutter solutions, data mining is one way to get the most information on your customers that you can. Information on the ways they deal with you as well as your competitors, pulled from social media, surveys, comment and suggestion tracking, or other customer service channels, will be useful in choosing the best contact channel(s) for your customers. Once you have a grasp on your customers’ preferred interaction methods, you can provide them with the optimized point of contact.

The use of analysis to gather these data points on your customers is the best way to collect the business intelligence needed to institute an effective contact center management strategy. Voice traffic analytics is one type of revenue booster, but there are others that can also provide the deep insights needed to observe your customer’s activities across any number of channels. In the next installment, we’ll discuss more revenue boosters that transform your simple call center into a modern contact center.

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