Hunt Group Case Study

Overview Leading Recreational Vehicle (RV) retailer 180+ locations 42 states Each dealer location handles new and used RV sales, rentals, service, and customer support Challenge Needed real-time visibility into Hunt Group activity at each store Infortel Select Solution Leverage Native Call Queuing for Hunt Group management Results Real-time, single-dashboard Hunt Group Native Call Queuing activity

Maximizing Your Cisco Hunt Group’s Value

In Cisco UC environments, hunt groups are a popular alternative to full-fledged contact center platforms. Often more cost-effective than their higher-end counterparts, hunt groups still meet the same fundamental business requirements for call handling, wait time, and overall customer experience measurement. And yet, enterprises need better historic reporting – and real-time visibility into Native Call

Does Microsoft Teams give you the application visibility you need?

As Microsoft® Teams proliferates within enterprise voice networks, ISI UC Cloud Analytics give business managers and IT departments unmatched reporting visibility into Cisco, Avaya, and other on-premises UC platforms already in place. In April, Microsoft reported that the number Microsoft Teams daily active users had climbed to a staggering 145 million. This followed last year’s

Enhance Cisco Contact Center Visibility, Make Better Decisions

A report by Contact Center Week, “The Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast,” found that, “Although (businesses) are emphasizing digital to a greater extent than ever before, 89% of companies believe phone communication will still play a role in the contact center of the future.” Moreover, said the report, “collecting and actioning” (contact center)

Improving Cisco Contact Center Customer Experience – Beyond the Limitations of Native Reports

Customer experience (CX) is critical to long-term success. Happy customers drive sustainable business growth, adding to your bottom line through retention and referrals. Dissatisfied customers can have the opposite effect, potentially destroying your brand’s reputation overnight. According to the Harvard Business Review, increasing customer retention as little as 5%, could boost the bottom-line profits of

14 Essential Customer Experience Metrics for Cisco UC – and How to Use Them

Measuring the performance of your inbound call centers can be complex. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data coming out of a Unified Communications platform, especially without the right tools to interpret it. When you begin to empower yourself with relevant, actionable insights, reported regularly in a timely manner, you will