How Hunt Groups & Queues Help Boost Productivity

The Problem: A national health insurer customer was looking for ways to increase efficiencies in departments that handle high call volumes. The customer also was looking to retire its expensive and difficult to maintain contact center solution. The Solution: ISI’s team worked with the customer to establish Hunt Groups to assist in high traffic departments.

Better 911 Call Visibility Results in Cost Savings & Easier Compliance

The Problem: A global technology company was receiving large and unjustified vendor invoices relating to 911 calls. The Solution: Infortel Select’s enhanced calling activity reporting, including 911 alarm reports using call detail record search.   Result: With Infortel Select, the customer was able to justify or dispute charges with accurate information. “We could not identify

Gaining Complete Agent Call Visibility with Enhanced UC Analytics

The Problem: A financial services company’s collection department wasn’t hitting its performance metrics. Some agents were circumventing the system to avoid speaking with accounts, leading to customer frustration and poor agent performance. The root of the problem: management’s lack of complete visibility into agent calling activity. The Solution: ISI’s Infortel Select Cloud Analytics with Managed