Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization delivers a flexible software that maximizes productivity, while lowering administrative costs.
The Workforce Optimization Strategy in a Nutshell

Customer service experience is at the heart of any organization. How many times have you called in to an 800 number for support after being on hold and having to jump through the proverbial hula-hoop of choices to get to a human interaction. Some things cannot be automated and for this you need good agents in your call center.

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The Newest Tool to Improve Healthcare – The Telephone? Part 3

In the last post, we examined the benefits of the core tools of monitoring and recording. Once you have implemented these, it is time to bring your program to the next level. Advanced tools such as Quality Management, Workforce Management, and Speech Analytics can further improve the quality of your program, resulting in better patient care.

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Why Poor Forecasting Leaves Your Workforce Vulnerable Properly forecasting the workforce needed for each day is critical for call centers. If done poorly, the call center is left vulnerable to disruptions in scheduling, productivity, and customer service.  Because of this, understanding staffing needs based on daily or weekly trends can maximize a call center’s output. With workforce management, users can optimize work schedules based on precise forecasts, and minimize vulnerability. 
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Manage Your Workforce with Real-Time Reporting Workforce Management is one area that every contact center can improve upon. One of the biggest ways to leverage a solution, such as Infortel® Workforce Management, is to utilize the real-time management features. Because contact centers provide a diverse and dynamic work environment, it is imperative to stay on top of all activity, at all times.
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