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We have partnered with Verba Technologies to bring you the latest solutions for both call and video recording.

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Enforcing Rules with Ethical Wall

Ethical Wall solutions help companies enforce compliance policies and adhere to specific industry communications regulations.

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Ethical Wall for Skype™ for Business and Cisco® UC – Upfront Compliance for when you need it most!

Verba’s Ethical Wall is a powerful application that proactively supports compliance with a comprehensive package of policy adherants that works on both Cisco® and Skype™ for Business frameworks. Ethical Wall works with Unified Communications platforms to provide control mechanisms for blocking sessions and presence, for filtering content, and attaching disclaimers.

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Automotive Industry Embraces UC from the Automobile to the Dealership!

With the Chicago Auto Show (#CAS16) now rolling out of town, we want to share how our visit there illuminated for us the intersection between Unified Communications (UC) and the automotive industry. ISI visited CAS16, the largest show in North America displaying the newest in automotive design, and discovered that manufacturers are making it easier than ever to conduct business from your vehicle. We also realized that for dealerships, the ability to direct call traffic where it needs to go to facilitate sales and service, calls for a robust communications platform. As the Internet of Things (IoT) takes hold and technology expands, the intersection between automotive and UC will be found at the automobile level as well as the dealership level.

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Controlling Skype for Business Interactions

Skype is a global communications powerhouse owned by Microsoft. Here are some mind blowing statistics:

  • There are at least 300 million Skype users globally
  • It is estimated that 1.4 trillion minutes of voice and video calls are made on Skype annually
  • On an average day, there are 49 million active Skype users
  • In 2013, Skype accounted for 40% of the total voice telecom traffic globally
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