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We have partnered with Verba Technologies to bring you the latest solutions for both call and video recording.
Collaboration, Communications & the Increased Risk of HIPAA Privacy Breaches

ISI is pleased to announce a new webinar from Mark McNeill, Vice President of Enterprise & Healthcare UC Solutions. The webinar, Collaboration, Communications & the Increased Risk of HIPAA Privacy Breaches, focuses on how sudden changes in modes of communication are contributing to HIPAA non-compliance in healthcare and what companies can and must do to avoid violations. The webinar takes place on Tuesday, October 4 at 11 am CST and registration is now open.

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Collaboration, Networking & Consumption – What does it take to Power the Olympic Games?

Both Cisco and Microsoft have a significant stake in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Cisco has laid claim to the idea that their technology is integral to Games’ infrastructure. To connect the athletes, the fans in the stadiums, and the billions of people watching at home, Cisco touts that they have been educating, manufacturing, and setting up advanced communication connections all over Brazil for years now.

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HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging is Good For Your Organization

HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging is a must for healthcare organizations. Hospitals, community health centers, health care providers (doctors’ offices, retail healthcare), health plans and the like, are processing information at an astronomical rate. To help grasp the enormity, consider that the amount of patient data collected in one year in England of hospitals alone topped 125 million episodes of care. When dealing with protected health information (PHI), the US has its own rules and regulations as enforced by the Office of Civil Rights, under the HIPAA Rules and the HITECH Act. Less than strict adherence to these rules results in steep fines that can run into the millions of dollars.

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Can UC Adapt to Projected Workplace Behavior Changes in the Future?

The changing attitudes towards office technology of the next generation’s workforce can be derived from their access to technology since birth. Having been born with a silver Motorola in their hands is their legacy. Why would they ever pick up a desk phone? Is your office ready for the new tech generation? If you haven’t considered if your office is modern enough for the next crop of young professionals, you should.

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