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We have partnered with Verba Technologies to bring you the latest solutions for both call and video recording.

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Cisco’s Jabber vs. Spark

Let the collaboration continue! The ever-evolving gobstopper of digital communications is growing. The mission is to keep your team moving forward through digital collaboration. Whether you are in the United States or the United Kingdom, as long as you have a good Internet connection, you can stay in touch using collaboration tools.

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When you’re looking at Big Data Analytics for Healthcare, you must include Communications Activity Records!

Big Data analytics has become a critical component of a Healthcare provider’s means of surviving in an ever-growing competitive landscape. They rely on statistics, metrics and measurements to identify relationships that help improve patient care, reduce mortality rates, provide better service and reduce their costs. However, as a Healthcare provider, an important data source you often overlook in your analysis is Communications Activity within your organization. That includes all incoming/outgoing calls, IM/Texts, Conferencing, Video Calls and File Sharing. These Collaboration events enable your Healthcare entity to improve communications, speed the sharing of critical data and, ultimately, improve patient care while reducing your costs.

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The Need for Call/Video/IM Recording in Healthcare

My, how the times have changed!

In the past, it was “taboo” to record interactions between Patients and Caregivers. The reason? General Counsel for the hospital would always point out that any-and-all information, including call/IM recordings, are “discoverable” in a lawsuit and could be used against the hospital in a malpractice case. Well, the pendulum has definitely swung in favor of recording all communications related to the hospital and its employees, especially Caregivers.

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How Does WORM Mandate Affect Your Bottom Line?

Once upon a time, a computer worm only stood for a self-replicating computer program that exploited vulnerabilities. This potentially caused damages that could equal hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The digital business world adapted with added security software and firewalls.

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