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We have partnered with Verba Technologies to bring you the latest solutions for both call and video recording.

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The Growing Business Case for IM Archiving

Over the years, Instant Messaging (IM) has become a staple in communications. Looking back in time, did you know that IM originated in the mid-1960s. Multi-user operating systems were essentially the start of IM. The ability to communicate to others logged into the same machine became useful. Fast-forward to the 1980-1990s, when Commodore 64 computers offered online messaging with the collaboration of Quantum Links online service. They were later known as America Online. In 2000, a new open messaging and presence platform called XMPP (Jabber) was introduced. IM clients have since evolved to incorporate other modalities such as video, voice, web-conferencing, and desktop sharing.

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Introducing the Elements of Compliance

Reinventing regulatory compliance

Whilst every financial firm faces the same challenges in meeting new regulations and controls, Verint recognizes that not everyone is the same. There are multiple different factors (resourcing constraints, available finance, embedded solutions, rate of temporal change, and differing adoption levels of process automation) affecting how firms approach the issues. By breaking down the solution into components, Verint Verba 9 makes it simple for firms of all sizes to build, manage, and integrate into their existing eco-system. It reduces the risk in transitioning legacy platforms as well as increasing the level of controls.

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Global Changes in Regulation for Financial Services Firms

Does your organization have locations in Europe? Is your business in the Financial Services sector? If so, it is crunch-time to ensure that your organization is compliant with the latest Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II mandates!

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Unified Communications Improves Employee Turnover in Transportation

The trucking industry is facing an extreme shortage of drivers. It is estimated that there is currently a shortage of roughly 48,000 drivers. The shortage is expected to worsen. Because of this shortage, trucking companies are experiencing a rate of turnover of over 100%. The best way to hire an experienced driver is to look to competitors and entice their current employees to switch over. This is often done through sign-on bonuses averaging $5,000. One of our clients told us that, on average, it costs $25,000 to recruit, hire, and train a new driver.

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