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Marketing Manager at ISI Telemanagement Solutions, LLC

5 Trends That Will Affect Your Contact Center in the Next 10 Years

Have you thought about what your contact center will look like in ten years? Are you ready for the changes to come with your staff, your customers, technology, and more? Here are five trends that have already begun to shape the way we serve our customers and will make a major impact on how service evolves over time.

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Three Tips to be Proactive vs. Reactive in Scheduling Your Contact Center

At the Society for Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) Annual Conference, they held two, rapid fire, 60 ideas in 60 minutes sessions for tips and techniques in workforce management. I noticed a couple of themes in the 120+ ideas presented. This is the first in a series of three blogs.

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Is Your Contact Center Future-proofed?

It seems that technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. What was innovative just five years ago is now outdated. At the same time, customer and employee expectations have evolved just as quickly. So how can you be sure the investments you are making in your contact center will keep you successful in the years to come?

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ISI Telemanagement Solutions Wins Verint’s 2018 North America Compliance Partner of the Year Award at Engage18

ISI is pleased to be the recipient of Verint’s North America Compliance Partner of the Year award. The award recognizes "achievements in customer engagement, and collaborative approaches in helping organizations achieve business goals, revenue objectives and growth".

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ISI is Pleased to be a Sponsoring Partner of the Dimension Data Field Kickoff Meeting

ISI is pleased to be a sponsoring partner of the Dimension Data Field Kickoff Meeting. The Kickoff will be held this year May 17 - 20 2018, in Nashville, TN. The event features partners and professionals participating in the three-day event centered on an expo and breakout sessions spanning from design to technical application.

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