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Mitchell Weiss joined ISI in 1994. He holds a Bachelor's Degree Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Business Administration from the Stuart School of Business in Chicago.  He is an industry leader in all phases of managing Unified Communications.  At ISI, Mr. Weiss is responsible for the vision, strategy, and implementation of a suite of Unified Communications products including Voice and Video Recording, SIP Trunk Management, and Traffic Management.  Mr. Weiss also brings his knowledge of Cloud Computing to ISI, allowing the company to create new cloud based models for its software and services.

The Newest Tool to Improve Healthcare – The Telephone? Part 3

In the last post, we examined the benefits of the core tools of monitoring and recording. Once you have implemented these, it is time to bring your program to the next level. Advanced tools such as Quality Management, Workforce Management, and Speech Analytics can further improve the quality of your program, resulting in better patient care.

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The Newest Tool to Improve Healthcare: Part 2

As we discussed in the last blog, the telephone is very important to improving healthcare. For many institutions, the first step to improve healthcare is by using a comprehensive post-discharge patient follow-up program. This will reduce hospital re-admissions.

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The Newest Tool to Improve Healthcare – The Telephone?

Are you taking advantage of one of the most important tools to improve healthcare? Of course, I am referring to the telephone? I know what you are thinking. How can a device Invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell be the newest tool? The fact of the matter is that leading healthcare organizations are using the telephone to improve patient care.

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Can Microsoft Lync’s Voice Capabilities Replace PBXs?

What started as an uphill battle has transformed into a revolution. When Microsoft Lync hit the market, many were skeptical about the platform. However, with the release of Lync 2013, Microsoft solidified their position in the unified communication (UC) market. Because of this growth, many are wondering if Lync's voice capabilities are good enough to replace legacy PBXs.

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Taking a Holistic View of Unified Communications Mobility

Mobility is all the rage in Unified Communications (UC) these days. Whether it's Cisco Jabber or Microsoft Lync, the lure of making calls from any device at any time is quite attractive. With mobility, you can reduce your mobile costs, increase productivity, and realize a quicker ROI on your unified communications investments.

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