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How Smart Network and Traffic Management Can Pay Back Big!

Today's economy requires ROI-based business solutions prior to any investment, including voice and data. If you are searching for stronger ROI business cases, this session is one you can’t miss! In this session, we will discuss how ISI's suite of network traffic and voice capacity planning tools can enhance your business case by documenting your bandwidth and capacity needs compared to your current infrastructure. You will learn how to add significant savings in both TDM and SIP deployments and provide the information you need in order to justify systems upgrades, conversions and expansions of your IP infrastructure. This session explains how the ISI Infortel® Select platform adds robust traffic management analytics to current system management tools such as the Avaya Integrated Management Offer, and provides a tool to track network traffic and determine bandwidth and capacity needs, based on actual call volumes across your enterprise. You will learn how you can:

  • Accurately measure volume of concurrent calls and traffic patterns
  • Quantify traffic patterns on existing facilities to find potential bottlenecks and savings
  • Develop “what if” scenarios for improved call routing over current and planned network

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