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Calculating Toll-Bypass ROI using Infortel Select’s Tandem Call Matching

One of the key benefits of implementing a modern IP-based telephone system is taking advantage of toll-bypass opportunities. There are significant cost savings for what is known as Tail End Hop Off (TEHO). With TEHO, a call is carried over the IP network to a gateway near the destination of the call and then “hops off” the IP network to the PSTN as a local or in-country call. In either case, a significant reduction of toll charges can be realized.

When calls move between telephone systems via an IP network (such as a corporate MPLS network), multiple call records are produced. Learn how ISI's Infortel Select with Tandem Call Matching Add-On matches the call records to properly rate the call, assign the costs to the originator, and calculate realized savings from TEHO.

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